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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Accelerated Math program

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From: Dan 
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2003073123:46:53
Subject: Re: Re: Accelerated Math

Regarding your comment "-- but I'd have to say an extremely lazy way
to teach.  You may be out of a job soon if this is so great and more
people decide to home school using this program"----------I say
"terrific" if you can find a curriculum that doesn't need a teacher,
but that is not the case with AM.  Instruction is still necessary for
most students but it does allow for excellent peer tutoring.  AM also
does a great job of reviewing and holding student accountable for work
done earlier in the year.

I am using the "Pre-Algebra" library as a "review curriculum" for my
Algebra class and my Geometry class each which I am teaching out of a
regular text.  It is remarkable how much 'pre-algebra curriculum' that
students have forgotten, or simply did not learn.  I use the 1st 20
minutes each class to do AM (students are expected to bring a
worksheet from home completed and ready to grade, and use the rest of
the 20 minutes to work on their new worksheet). Then we get to work on
our regular Algebra or Geometry.

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