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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Accelerated Math program

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From: susan moore

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2005101915:32:52
Subject: failure in accelerated math

My sixth grade daughter is using AM for the second year in a row with
the same teacher. Most parents I have talked with are not pleased.
After many discuusions with the teacher last year I figured out what
was required of the students. The program is used as a stand alone
curriculum. Her grading weights are as follows:25% in class test(these
are tests which covers the objective which were taught in class a
total of 40-50 minutes for the week) 5% homework(practices) 25%
objective goals(45 for a nine week period) 30% test over the ren math(
this covers the individual goal objectives) 5%
participation(subjective according to the teacher) 10%
quizzes(miscellaneous usually there is one quiz)
My concerns are as followed:
1. Classroom instruction is limited to 50 minutes at the most each
2.My daughter appears to be working approximately six weeks behind the
classroom instruction or twenty-thirty objectives behind.
3. The teacher does not seem to have time to work with my daughter
because of the time spent working with the students who are ahead.
4. Peer tutoring is great as long as the student who is teaching
really understands the concept.
5.Reteaching is not in the canned program... I send my daughter to
school for seven hours a day but we can spend up to two hours
learning(reteaching) math at home.
6. I realize the convience this program provides for teachers... no
grading! If the teacher never looks at the students work or requires
the student to show work how can the teacher be confident the student
understands the process. If I asked the teacher what my daughter is
having difficulty with she says turning in the practices... but my
response was she can't pass certain objectives to even be able to take
a test. Last year she took the same practices over three objectives
five times before I located the failing practices in her notebook...
should the teacher have not stopped her on the second and do a little
7. If the program is individualized should eveyone have the same
objective goal. Our school is set up on a nine week grading period. Is
it reasonable to think every child everyday will be taught and master
an objective each day... actually as the year moves on the objective
goal increase to fifty. Remember we only have two days of classroom
instuction amounting to 50 minutes in one week. The teacher does
"cover" more than five objectives in a week... Are there super
teachers who can teach, evaluate, and reteach 10 minutes a day?
8. Should a parent have to explain to a child that she must work every
problem out in a neat and orderly fashion, so the parent can reteach
the concepts where the teacher is failing...
I would love to hear some suggestions from other parents or educators
with some sort of solution. Being an educator myself I can't believe
the situation that I have fallen into1

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