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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Accelerated Math program

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From: Jennnifer <jlcorpus@earthlink.net>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2006061418:33:49
Subject: Re: Re: RE: Accelerated Math program

I agree that at youger ages the AM should be only used for a portion
of the day...

I would like to add that even with this strategy, I see a problem with
reinforcement of skills.  My theory is that if a lesson or concept is
done consecutively for a minimum of 3-5 days, it will go  into their
long-term memory and they have truly "learned" the skill.  The problem
with AM and my daughter is that she gets 100% the first time she is
exposed to a concept, so the next day's AM problems move on and do not
include the previous day's problems.  She does well on the test at the
end of the unit- but then does not do well on the review.  If she did
the problems for more than 1 day (even though she appears to have
mastered it upon introduction) I think she would have better retention
and mastery of the concept and do better on the review problems.  Next
year the review problems count for a significant part of her grade, so
I am very concerned.  

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting time for her to do the
material again for the next day or two?  I thought I might ask the
teacher if she could print out 2 shortened assignments daily and then
she could save one for the next day as homework.  As parents, we have
difficulty going over problems with her because the unique format of
the tests- so getting esxtra material would help.  

She will only be using the AM program next year for the gifted
class-so we have nothing else to work with here.  Ironically,  she
scored 5th/ 125 student on the AM placement exam- but her ability is
not reflected in her overall grades in AM. 

I want to make sure she has a positive experience with math because I
think it is highly likely that she will pursue a math/ science career
as most people in our family seeem to have an aptitude for this.  Any
suggestions would be appreciated. 

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