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From: Tina <mtrowden@yhti.net>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2002072010:25:15
Subject: AM and Textbooks

I have a daughter entering middle school this year. It is my
understanding (and I have seen it when I have subbed there) that our
school system uses AM alone not as a supplement to a textbook.  The
kids work on there own answering random multiple choice questions. 
Teachers teach certain objective to the whole class, but not everyone
is on the same objective.
In math one needs repetition on the same types of problems over and
over again to master the concept.  I don't see that with AM.  There is
no AM in college.  You have to show how you arrived at your answer. I
don't see that with AM.
With a text book you see repetition.  The students have to show how
they arrived at a particular answer.  I realize that it is easier as
far a grading goes for the teacher, but if some students aren't
understanding and just guessing A,B,C,D, how will the teacher know?  I
am a future teacher but isn't teaching about getting kids to
understand even if it means more work for the teacher.  Shouldn't AM
be used as a supplement to a textbook rather that used alone?
Thanks for any further info you can give to me on the best way to
implement AM in the class room.
Dixon, MO

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