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From: Susan Socha

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001052622:41:09
Subject: Bulletin board ideas

This year I really tried to keep my bulletin boards current. I made an effort to connect the bulletin board with what we were studying. For example, when we were studying congruent triangles, I had a bulletin board up about Methods for Proving triangles congruent. As I added a new method, I put it up on the bulletin board. I also had things that you couldn't use like SSA. I had triangles with tick marks as a visual reminder for each method. I also used a bulleting board for the Quadrilateral unit. It was basically the chart that is in most Geometry books with the various shapes connected in diagram form. Again, I added to the diagram as we studied quadrilaterals. I found this to be very helpful, because when questions came up about the relationships between quadrilaterals, I could just walk to the back of the room and point them out. At the beginning of the year I had a vocabulary bulletin board that illustrated geometry terms. You could use something like this in algebra too. I think a bulletin board with frequent errors with polynomials would be effective for a unit. For example, (x+3)^2 doesn't equal x^2 + 9, and -2^2 doesn't equal 4 (unless there are parenthsis. Another type of bulletin board that I created involves baby pictures of the students. I had students voluntarily bring in baby pictures. I made a numbered list of their names. Under each baby picture, I wrote a problem with an answer that coincided with the number on the list of students. The students had to solve the problems to identify the baby pictures. Then, I had the students write something down that most people didn't know that they had done (not something embarassing or inappropriate) and did the same thing, with a list of names, and problems under their interesting fact about themselves. I hope this helps. I may try to write this up in more detail for the Mathematics Teacher. Susan

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