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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Dividing by zero

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From: Renas

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2004092321:23:30
Subject: Re: Re: Zero divided by zero (indeterminate form).

Incorrect. 0/0 does not have an infinite number of solutions. The notion that 0/0 can be reexpressed by 0 x C=0 is false because you have to use arithmetic to prove it as a/b=c where b is not 0, a/b(b)=c(b) and thus you arrive that a=bc. The method used to teach kindergardners just skips the mathematics part for their simplicities' sake, but the argument cannot be used for 0/0 since 0/0(0)=c(0), and thus 0/0=c(0) suggesting 0/0 is 0, which is not a false statement, but if c were any number other than 0, then 0/0=Cx0 and thus 0/0 would only equal 0 no matter what c is, and thus the contradiction. 0/0 may or may not be 0, infinity or undefined, but it is not any other integer than 0.

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