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From: Sandy

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001030221:52:05
Subject: Re: interactive math

We just had this problem of the week and you have to work with multiples. For example, with the 10 stick 3 cross rule you would: First determine the last # amount that needs to be left for the 1st player to win. In this case 3+1=4 Therefore you would count back from the last stick in groups of 4. This leaves you with 2 groups of four and 2 beginning sticks. So, in this instance player 1 would need to cross out the first 2 sticks. This sets up the the next 2 multiples of four. As play continues, you must be the first person to cross out the last stick of the first multple of 4. If you do this you will be guaranteed to win. Another example: In the 15 stick 4 cross rule: 4+1=5 --Therefore you would count back multiples of five. This time you would want to be the second player to guarantee that you woould be the first person to cross out the 5th stick. I hope this helps.

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