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From: jac yates

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2008102018:41:01
Subject: Re: Re: HELP... Greatest Common Factors

On 2000062816:46:28, Suzanne A. wrote: >Well, I guess it would be helpful to start by thinking about what a >GCF is. GCF stands for Greatest Common Factor and if 850 is the GCF of >two numbers then that means that 850 is the largest number that will >divide into both numbers evenly. > >So, I would start by listing some possible numbers that 850 will >divide into. That would include: > >850 (850 X 1) >1700 (850 X 2) >2550 (850 X 3) >3400 (850 X 4) >and so on..... > >Now, let's consider the second condition. "Neither number is divisible >by the other. If we answered that the two numbers were 850 and 1700, >you might agree that 850 divides into 1700 exactly two times. Also, if >you consider 1700 and 3400 we again find that 1700 divides into 3400 >exactly two times. > >What about 1700 and 2550? 1700 doesn't divide evenly into 2550! So, I >think we found the two smallest numbers that fit all of the >conditions. > >In general to decide the answer, I would start by listing the >multiples of the GCF (the number times 1, the number times 2, the >number times 3, etc.) and then consider the other conditions to decide >which numbers would satisfy all of the conditions. > >I hope that helps. > > >

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