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From: Jennifer Morgenstern <jmore1004@aol.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2005102100:36:55
Subject: Re: Re: money math touch point system or program

Hi there-

Yes there is a program on touch point money. I have it and and
beginning to use it tomorrow. It is very interesting and I will be
anxious to see how it goes. I have the very low math class and they
need a lot of different strategies to succeed. I looked into this
since I have also used touchpoint for addition and subtraction, I also
just asked my principal to order the one on using touchpoints for
multiplication. I want to preview it. I have a 2nd grade class BUT I
teach in a private school that puts their children in a book ahead so
while the kids are in 2nd grade the math book is a 3rd grade book. I
feel for my group that it moves awful fast from one topic to another
and so I am implementing different things on my own like the
touchpoint money.  If you can't find the information I will send it to
you so you will be able to order for yourself.
I hope this helps!
Jennifer Morgenstern

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