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From: Pat 
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2000110714:23:58
Subject: Applications of i in quantum mechanics

In physics, quantum mechanics uses complex numbers in wave functions
particles.  These functions have a complex amplitude, including a real
and "imaginary" part.  Complex numbers give a complete system for
finding the roots of polynomials.  In electrical engineering, complex
roots are found in circuit theory where the polynomial is part of the
model equation for simple circuits.  Alternating current involves
complex roots.  In mechanical engineering, vibrations with wavelike
results can have complex roots.

Fractals are also an application of complex numbers.  The Mandelbrot
set is defined as the set of all points that remain bounded for every
iteration of z= z*z + c on the complex plane, where the initial value
of z is 0 and c is a constant.

 -Pat, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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