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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Multiplication tables

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From: Jamie <purplejellybeans4me@yahoo.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2007090316:37:32
Subject: Thinking outside of the box?

I am not really sure what kind of learner my son is. I've never had to
think about this before. My son has an IQ of 113, but he seems to have
some kind of learning issue that has yet to be identified. We worked
all summer on multiplication worksheets that were provided by his 3rd
grade teacher. Each had 48 problems, and the goal was to have them
done in 1 minute. I kept track of his time, and though he did improve
at times it was never consistent, overall his average time did not
change, nor can he answer a multiplication problem quickly if it is
not a 2,5, or 10. We've also played games that I have found on the
internet and in books I've checked out at the library. Now here is
where it gets more sticky. We moved at the end of last school year,
and the class he was in in 3rd grade ended on multiplication tables
0-5, his new 4th grade class is starting on division. I have no issue
with spending 10-20 minutes (I don't want to burn him out) a day
working on math with him, however I don't seem to be getting through
and could really use some advise to help catch him up. 
Thanks, Jamie  

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