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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Teaching algebra in middle school

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From: Loyd

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001090210:53:51
Subject: Pre Algebra Framework

The following are sold only on EBAY.  I have sold about 50 sets and so
far all feedback has been positive.  There are two sets listed; one
with worksheets and one without.  I only recently added the worksheets
(copy masterss.  Search on "Pre Algebra Framework." to locate these on

Here is a description of the cards. 

This set of 26 pre-algebra topics are printed on 4x6 index cards bound
with a comb plastic binding. Important concepts are in color to assist
in learning. They are intended to be a framework for teachers of
students who will enter algebra some day. The topics mirror the ideas
I find myself re-teaching algebra I and II students in my tutoring
sessions. Included on most of the cards is a reference to the Virginia
Standards of Learning. This reference is located on the lower left of
the cards. 
Students proficient in ideas expressed herein should do well when they
enter algebra in the 8th or 9th grade. These Middle School Math Cards
are to provide a pre-algebra framework, using numerical methods, for
middle school teachers, home school teachers or interested parents.
The cards are not intended to be a text book but they represent
content areas where students are weak. These cards can be used with
your current middle school text book to prepare homework assignments.
Many of the areas are in modern middle school text books. However,
often these areas are skipped because the teacher may be pressed for
time or think they are not important in middle school - but can wait
until high school. 
I developed these cards based upon experience in many private tutoring
sessions with algebra I and II students. Additionally, experience in
tutoring and teaching adults in basic mathematics and algebra caused
me to realize that many of them were deficient in simple ideas
expressed in many of the framework cards. Cards AP 2, 3 and 4 involve
some memory work. I have tutored many students who were so slow
because they were never made to learn multiplication facts. Please do
not skip cards 2 through 4. 

                    ALGEBRA PREP CHART NUMBER
                  Front cover, Pythagorean Theorem

1.  Place Value                      16. Distributive Law 
2.  Multiplication Facts             17. Common Factors  
3.  Fractions Worth Understanding    18. Difference of Two Squares  
4.  Table of Squares, Cubes etc.     19. Square of a Binomial (a -b)^2
5.  Short Division                  20. Square of a Binomial (a + b)^2
6.  Factors, Composites & Primes     21. Powers & Roots  
7.  Least Common Multiple            22. Percent of Increase 
8 & 9. Divisibility rules            23. Percent of Decrease  
10. Least Common Denominator         24. Literal Equations    
11 & 12. Finding the LCD             25. Like Radicals       
13, 14 & 15. Ratio & Proportion      26. Pascalís Triangle 

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