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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Converting whole numbers and decimals to percents

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From: Suzanne Alejandre <suzanne@mathforum.org>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2007022515:33:10
Subject: Re: ???? help please!!!

Hi Israell,

There are some different ways that you can think about changing
1/4 to a decimal. 

1. Think of 1/4 as "one divided by four" and when you either 
put that into a calculator or do long division, you'll get .25. When
you put that with the 3, you'll have 3.25.

2. The "whole" for a decimal is 1.00, right? (or you can think of 
that as a dollar, $1.00.) If you have a "quarter" of a dollar, it's
25 cents, so you'll get 1/4 equal to .25 thinking this way, too. 

Either way 3 and 1/4 equals 3.25.

I hope that helps!

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