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From: Happy Hippo

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2018032615:13:02
Subject: Re: 'Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74)': one of the parts(74) of the 'Theory of Everything'

On 2012091420:45:26, Brad Watson, Miami wrote: >Many physicists refer to Strings Theory as the "Theory of Everything" >(TOE) since it unites the four forces of nature with the two types of >matter. 'Unified Strings (U21 S19) Theory' takes the 7 dimensions of >hyperspace + the 4 common dimensions and adds an analysis of time that >provides symmetry with 7 aspects of regular time + 4 aspects of >hypertime. But is this truly a TOE? If it were, wouldn't it include >much more than just physics? Wouldn't the correct TOE have great >interdiscipinary ramifications? Yes. (Do I often ask myself questions >and then answer them? Apparently.) > >"Anytime an idea(19) is connect(59/74)ed to nature, it's not only >logical(59) - it was inevitable." > >The whole world uses the same Hindu-Arabic numerical system of >0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Few ever pause to contemplate the world unity >this has produced! This numerical notation began to emerge no earlier >than c. 600 AD. It took Leonardo Fibonnaci in 1100 AD to introduce >this system to Europe and it soon replaced Roman Numerals across the >continent. > >Before 600 AD, all cultures used their alphabet to double as numbers. >The Hebrew/Aramaic scriptures were written using an alphanumeric >code/cipher called 'gematria'. Since the word 'gematria' is Greek for >'geometry', the Greeks practiced 'isopsephy'. Like the Hebrews, their >first 10 letters equalled 1-10, their next nine letters equalled >20-90, and their 20th letter plus equalled 100-___. The Qur'an was >written using Arabic 'hisab al-jummal' and the same alphanumeric >code/cipher as the Hebrews and Greeks. Was anybody here aware of this? > >Because Roman Numerals did not have a simple alphabet cipher to them, >'Latin gematria' never took hold like it did in Hebrew, Greek, and >Arabic. But the Roman Collegia taught 'Step 1 Gematria' where one >simply counts the number(6) of(2) letters(7) in(2) a(1) >word(4)/name(4)/phrase(6) with(4) the(3) number(6) having(6) >symbolic(8) meaning(7), i.e. E PLURIBUS UNUM(13) symbolizing the >original 13 United States. When the Greek Septuagint Bible was >translated into the Latin Vulgate, the isopsephy/gematria was almost >entirely lost. But 'coincidentally', around the mid 1300s when >Freemasonry began to form from the remnants of the scattered Knights >Templar that arrived in Scotland after their persecution. The >Operative Masons with their knowledge of 'sacred geometry' and 'sacred >gematria' continued to interact with Jewish mystics (Kaballists) and >Muslim mystics (Sufis). This is also when modern English began to >form. > >Fast forward to 2012 and we find English being the primary language of >Earth. In countries where English is not the primary language, i.e. >China and India, it is taught as the secondary language. Because of >the clear separation of the numerical system, English gematria is >occult(74)ed (hidden), but it's now not only present, Simple(6,74) >English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) with 'the key'(74) of 'A-B-C becomes >1-2-3'(74) is much stronger than any other language gematria! > >A=1, B=2, C3, D4, E5, F6, G7, H8, I9, J10, K11, L12, M13, N14, >O=15 or zerO, P16, Q17, R18, S19, T20, U21, V22, W23, X24, Y25, Z26 > >The rule behind 'Step 2 Gematria' of any language is >words/names/phrases with a similar alphanumeric sum have a connect(74) >between(74) them, i.e. Simple=74=S19+I9+M13+P16+L12+E5, >English=74=E5+N14+G7+L12+I9+S19+H8, >Gematria=74=G7+E5+M13+A1+T20+R18+I9+A1. Observe... > >GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th or 7 April 30 AD: Good(7__4) Friday when >Jesus(74) the king(74) of the Judeans(74) - the Jewish(74) Messiah(74) >- was on the Cross(74=C3+R18+O15+S19+S19)... Muhammad(74), Al >Quds(74), Sufis(74). > >science(58), design(58), star(58), astro-(58), Albert (Einstein)58, >German(58), etc. > >I've been to several Jewish schools and have learned first-hand that >they teach Hebrew gematria beginning with the 5th Grade. When I've >introduced Simple English Gematria to the teachers and principles at >these schools, they are intrigued. I'm convinced that teaching Simple >English Gematria will connect language with math like never before! >But besides religion(74), it also connects with science, history, >music, sports, etc. since gematria is one of the >parts(74=P16+A1+R18+T20+S19) of the TOE. > >- Brad Watson, Miami >Interdisciplinary teacher > You should really take your meds, my dude.

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