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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Difficulties in understanding math problem

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From: Jade <jaydinia@yahoo.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2006110917:18:11
Subject: Re: Re: math phobia

Hi, I am not math phobic but I am trying to get disability income from
the SSA because among other problems I have that hinder me greatly, is
dyscalculia. The worst problem it causes me is not being able to
remember math forumulas long enough to understand what in the world a
person is talking about, either that or not undestanding their
terminlogy. My upper comprehension limit it on pre-algebra, when I
learn it I quickly forget it, and when I was doing it, I had a vague
understanding of what it was I was doing. Of course I realized the
formulas represented basic things, but it was very difficult to do
anything right. It also corrupts my adding and subtracting abilities,
like I can't always count something simple like a wad of twenties
correctly, my memory gets messed up when I do. With multiplying it
seems to go bad too. I can't find any neuropsychologists in the
Albuquerque, NM area, let alone ones who know what dyscalculia is. I
know I don't have to prove to the SSA that that is what I specifically
have, but since it is an organic disorder, to show that I at least
have numerical memory and basic calculating impairment (and in general
due to my constant scalp psoriasis, high arches and the abuse I
suffered from childhood to adulthood, which causes me so much stress I
have a much poorer memory then most) would greatly help me to get SSI
I'm sure.

I've also come up with a superior way to test people for dyscalculia
without scanning their brain for a disorder. If anyone would like to
implement my idea or fund my testing project, please let me know.

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