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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: 100th Day activities

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From: Varnelle Moore <varnellemoore@aol.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001011220:25:55
Subject: 100th Day Activities

Hi, Amelia
Let's start with literature:
A Hundred Hugs, Joy Cowley.
I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words, Michael Frith.
One Hundred Hungary Ants, Elinor Princzes.
One Hundred Is a Family, Pam Ryan.

Introduce a countdown activity right before the 100th Day Celebration.
Say around the 75th day. Help student figure out, how many days before
the 100th day.  Have students make paper chains. They subtract or snip
off the days as they go by.

Begin the day with a little magic. Make a magic box. Drop 100 pennies
into the box and have the children count the pennies as you drop them
into the box. They can clap at every ten.  Then decide on some magic
words, pull out a dollar bill.  Follow the same procedure, pull out a
silver dollar. 

100th Day Hat Tally Hat
Give each child a strip of adding machine tape and a crayon. Students
tally to 100. The leader dings the xylophone for every mark and plays
a tune or something that indicates that they should cross on five.
Also, have students circle every ten. Staple stip to fit the child's
head, leaving a trailling paper tail on the back or side of head.

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