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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Teaching strategy for slow learners

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From: Sam Gerges <sgerges@samaritan.melb.catholic.edu.au>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2003090122:05:34
Subject: Re: teaching maths to grade 1 (6 year old) that are slow learners

I am a Maths and I.T. high school teacher, but I have 2 young children
my own. The best way to teach Maths at that young age is through
games. One way to teach addition or even adding simple fractions is by
cutting one apple into 2 halves and ask the child what he/ she gets
when putting the 2 halves together. And so on, you cut one half into 2
more halves,.... 
To teach simple addition and subtraction is through playing games with
some lollies. You tell the child when you add one lolly and 2 lollies,
you will get 3 lollies and when you eat one, how many left? and so on.
You can use anything else instead of lollies, you use something the
child likes.
Best of luck

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