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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Addition/subtraction

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From: Laura 
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2005111715:17:59
Subject: Re:  Here is  a methed for subtracting

Hello everyone,

I know kids struggle with subtraction, I have a methed that can help
them and I wanted to share with you, and I hope this can help others
as well.

As far as I know this methed only works for
10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100's, when subtracting a one digit number.

Let's say 70-8= for an example: Now we know the numbers are always
going to get smaller working with this methed, right.

Now look at the number 70 it's going to get smaller,so change the 7 in
seventy to one number smaller it will be a 6, Now remember the six for
a little while......6

ok now put up both hands in front of you palms down,fold eight fingers
down,you have two fingers up, Now apply the 6 with the 2 and you
should see your answer. 70-8= 62

Lets try another one:


Now change the number one in one hundred to a 9,Now remember .....9

step 2: hold your hands in front of you,fold 6 fingers down,you shouls
have 4 fingers up,Now apply the nine with the four and you should see
your answer 100-6=94
tip: always remember to place the first number you had subtracted
first in front of the number you subtracted last.

I hope this methed can help others that struggle with subtraction.

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