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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Addition/subtraction

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From: Carl Gladish

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001111801:41:09
Subject: Re: Regroup or Borrow

The left-to-right method is correct, but there is a possible complication that could make the method more difficult to learn properly. Basically, in the right-to-left method, you only borrow if you "have" to. That is, you only borrow if the digit on the top is smaller than the digit on the right. If you borrow first going from left-to-right, you may create a situation where the number on top is more than 9 larger than the number on the bottom so that after subtracting you have, say 12. Then you have to carry the one to the left and increase the already large mess by scratching out the previous top digit and increasing it by one. Actually, the whole problem could cascade backwards so that every number that is written on top has to be re-written again! For example, say the problem is 8998 - 121 ----- Then after doing the left-to-right borrowing you get: 7 18 18 18 - 1 2 1 ------------ Now, you simply have to go from right-to-left, or the whole thing is just stupid. What you get, even going right-to-left is too hard to write without using MS Paint. Please don't recommend that students use this method! Carl Gladish

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