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From: Loyd <loydlin@aol.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2009012921:19:40
Subject: Re: Calculating Unit Price

Nowadays, you often hear "Miles a gallon."  Of course, it is "Miles
per Gallon." This statement means divide miles  by gallons.  

Per means to divide.  The symbol for percent is % which is means
divide by 100.  So, if you have 75 percent, you divide by 100 and get
the decimal, .75.  This little bit of knowledge helps to find unit
cost when shopping in the grocery store.  

The percent sign is a slash which separates two zeros as follows:

0/0.  This symbol just means divide by 100.  

So, if you want cost per ounce and if you understand that per means
divide then you just put the number of ounces over the price and the
result is the unit cost.  

For example:

Suppose spaghetti costs 96 cents for 16 ounces.  Find cost per ounce. 
Just divide cost by price and you get the unit price.  

96 cents/16 ounces = 4 cents per ounce.

Try to avoid saying such things as Miles a gallon  or cost an ounce. 
Instead, substitute “per” for “a” and “an.”  

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