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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Teaching how to tell time

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From: Pat Miller

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 1999061615:04:32
Subject: tellling time

Dear Gail, As a third grade teacher, I know you have many levels of ability in telling time from weak to strong. I begin by telling students that we will begin by giving them all the "tools" they will need to tell time. Since all have some experience, I briefly go over basics. Then I have students just work on hour for the first day. They only need to remember 2 things: on the hour or after the hour.Example: 2:00 or after 2:00. Then we practice with ONLY the hour hand and set it for "on" or "after". The next day we deal ONLY with the minute hand and learn to set it starting at 12:00 and moving PAST the minutes.They say it the same way I do, such as 5 minutes past. By day 3, we put the two hands together and read minutes first and then look at the hour. Example:' "5 minutes after or past 2:00". After practice this way,children will learn to say time in other ways, but it gives them a way to start. Then throughout the day everyday thereafter, I call on different students to tell me the time. Kids have fun and learn comfortably. Hope this helps. Also, I make a big floor clock and have students play a game setting the time on the floor clock for practice. I play it like "Duck, Duck, Goose" only call it 'Tick,Tick, Toc."

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