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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Teaching how to tell time

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From: Pat Miller

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 1999120610:00:17
Subject: Re: Re: tellling time

Dear Gloria,
  Here's how I play the game.  Make clock numbers ( I use large index
cards and laminate).  Then use ellison machine to cut out circles for
the minutes.  I place these in a large circle on the floor. For clock
"hands" I just used two thin pieces of wood and made butcher paper
arrows to go on top - each hand was in a different color.  You can use
tagboard hands if wood is not available.  They won't last long, but
they're easy to make over again.
    Students then are seated around the outside perimeter of the floor
clock.  I begin with some practice setting the time.  Example:  I call
out a time  such as 2:00 and one student places the hands in the
correct position.  We do quite of bit of this kind of practice and the
level you do depends on the ability/ages of your students. ( I've
actually had 1st graders doing 5 minute intervals with this game.)
    When I feel they're ready we play "tick,tick, tock".  One child is
the time-setter.  Another is the tapper. Pick a child to begin tapping
by going around the outside of the clock circle tapping heads and
saying "tick, tick, tick" etc.  When tapper taps a student and says
"tock", the child tapped must go into circle and set the hands for the
time indicated by the teacher.  The tapper in the meantime must run
around the outside circle. Each tries to beat the other back to the
seat.  The one left out now is the tapper.  
    Hint:  I always tell the class the time to be set before tapper
begins.  Sometimes I write the time and hold up the card without
saying time orally.  This is more difficult.  Hope this is

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