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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Teaching how to tell time

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From: Yoyomonkey <yoyomonkey1000@hotmail.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2004090922:07:08
Subject: Re: Teaching how to tell time to a deaf adult who knows little sign language, but can read and write.

I beg your pardon. How dare you refer to anyone as being retarded. I
do find the term extremely offensive!

I suggest you use the term "has learning difficulties" it is a more
correct term.
I will also point out that in the future try learning to spell
"moderately" correctly.

To your question of teaching the time as the adult is capable of
understanding and may have "learning difficulties" I would suggest 
being patient and consistant with the teaching.

1. It will take an individual longer.
2. Use a clock and also pictures of different times of day. Morning
(waking up) Lunchtime (eating) Evening (picture or someone in the
lounge watching tv)
By showing the different times of day with the sun and also with what
people do at different parts of the day. 
A basic segmentation of time and understanding of time can occur.
3. once segmenting the day introduce the "o'clock". Work in hours.
4. Use favourite TV programs or favourite parts of the day to point
out what o'clock they would occur in.
5. Use the pictures in the earlier stages to question what a time of
day it is 
(if you can sign teach the signs) if not use picture cards!
Expand this later and ask what o'clock would it be.
6. Carry on expanding this give the learner a clock one with clears
7.I could go on for ages but i hope it helps.
8. As with all teaching make sure eye contact is always made and the
learner can clearly see your mouth as you talk (no beards etc). Talk
clearly and slowly and introduce the signs as well.

Hope it goes well


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