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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Number placement

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From: Mable Gray Haywood

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 1999092413:26:25
Subject: math/understanding thousands

Lesson 6 from Silver Burdett Ginn/Grade 3 This activity will help you to teach children to understand the number 1,000. Your class needs to divide into ten groups You can use beans. What you need For each group: 100 beans 10 cups 1 plastic bag various-sized containers Step 1 Count 10 beans. Put them into a paper cup. Then put 10 beans into each of 9 more cups. Step 2 Pour the beans from all 10 cups into a plastic bag.How many beans are in the bag?. (100) Step 3 Place your plastic bag of beans with the bags of all the other groups. @ How many bags are there? (10 bags ) @ How many beans are in each bags? (100 beans) @ How many beans are there altogether? ( 1,000) Step 4 Choose a container that you think will hold all the beans. empty each bag of beans into it. Is the container big enough to hold all 1,000. (answer will vary ) Assess understanding How do you know that there are ten hundreds in one thousand?( There were one hundred beans in each bag. Ten bags of beans made 1,000 beans. How many ones make up one thousand? Tens? Hundreds? (1,000 ones; 100 tens; 10hundreds) Cooperative Learning Have students create a plan to write a story using a thousand words (1,000). Each student write a part.

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