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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Number placement

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From: Kelly McManus

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 1999120401:27:05
Subject: Place value, number placement

Suggestions for teaching place value: I read to my 5th grade students "How much is a million?" They enjoyed this story and wanted to write their own version. Lower level students could listen to the same story but as a class write "How much is a thousand?" etc... I keep a place value chart on the board all year. It is student created with different colored paper for each period. I then use Uno cards with magnets on the back as manipulatives. Students love to use them for rounding, adding and practicing reading numbers. I also will post a "number of the day" and have them review 4th grade skills (by writing in their math journal) They respond to the number by using it in a fact, estimation or data. For example, the number 1000 would explain how many students in our school. The number 250 would show how many students in our 5th grade and 30 would be an estimation of how many kids ride on their bus and 10 would be how many 5th grade teachers we have etc... Once we have worked up to a number that some students struggle understanding, we post on the bulletin board "how much is_______" with the number and its representations on display, according to our class mathmatitions. For the special needs students I do a greater than, less than, equal to project. I will name a representation such as "the number of people that live on their street" and they tell me if it is greater than, less than or about equal to the number given. This works for all levels because they use real life connections. I will also ask them to explain a situation where there is more than, less than and equal to...

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