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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Length of quizzes

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From: Jennifer <patrick.barr@verizon.net>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2002032323:07:53
Subject: Length of quizzes

I was taught that it should take students two to three times as long
as the teacher to take an exam of any type, be it a quiz, test,
midterm exam or final.  As a math tutor, I am often shown tests and
quizzes which are entirely too long to take in the amount of time
provided.  I believe that if the bulk of your class is taking the
entire period to take a quiz or test this may be too long.  Remember
that the goal of teaching is not to see how we can trip up students,
it is to get the material across to the class.  If they are not able
to finish a test or quiz in the allotted time, are they truly

I do not agree with the professional who stated that b/c the quiz took
an entire period to take, then it was not a quiz.  The amount of
material covered is a more appropriate manner in which to judge - but,
who cares about the semantics?  Are the kids learning?  Do they do
well in your class?  Do your students engage in lively conversation
(subject related, of course) in your classroom?  Are you challenging
them to think on their own?

We should be guiding our students to think!  Spoon-feeding info so
that they can spit it back at you in a 20-minute quiz is not

Thanks for allowing the kids the time needed to take a test!  I
commend your approach!

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