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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Curious about fractions

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From: roger

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2006071020:43:32
Subject: Re: Re: How can I teach equivalent fractions?

Have eight students stand in line in the front of the classroom. Give the first four a red sheet of paper, the next four a yellow sheet. Ask thre yellow sheets to take five steps away from the red sheets. Ask the question: "How many students moved?" 4 "How many were originally standing together?" 8 "OK, so 4 of the 8 moved." Write 4 fraction bar 8. "What part of the whole group moved?" HALF 1 fraction bar 2 Write the equation 4 over 8 = 1 over 2 Ask the yellow sheets to sit down. Replace two red sheet with green sheets. Ask the green sheets to move away from the red. "How many moved? 2 "How many were originally standing together?" 4 Write 2 over 4 "What part of the whole moved? half? Write the equality 2 over 4 = 1 over 2 If you have already taught different fractional names for one, use 2 halves time 1 half to get 2 fourths. Use 4 fourths times 1 half to get 4 eighths. "This is how we can make equivalent fractions." [Hope this helps.]

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