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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Solving algebraic equations

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From: RON

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2003061022:28:30
Subject: Re: how do I solve this problem

First of all, there is nothing to solve in your problem. You have simply written a mathematical expression. If your intention was to write an equation, I will work from there. Let (1 + r/100)^12 = A where A is some number The idea best used here is to write down what was done to the unknown, r. 1) divide by 100 2) add 1 3) twelfth power To solve, simply "undo" what was done. This needs to be done in reverse order to get back to r. Follow the steps: Start with the value for A. 1) take the twelfth root ( on a calculator this means raising to the power of 1/12. Try the y^x button and make sure to put parentheses around the 1/12.) 2) subtract 1 3) multiply by 100 This method is very basic when solving an equation for an unknown which only appears only once. It makes use of the fact that inverse operations "undo" each other. (i.e. roots undo powers, subtraction undoes addition, multiplication undoes division, etc.)

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