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Are you looking for resources to provide parents and families with mathematical activities to use at home with their children? Here are some resources readily available at the Math Forum.

Ask Dr. Math: Want to take Dr. Math with you?
Our books are a series of questions and answers that were taken directly from our archive and organized in a friendly, non-textbook way. They make great door-prize giveaways!
The books are available for purchase for about $10.00 each from
Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra
Grades 5 and up
Dr. Math Explains Algebra
more formal
Algebra I content
Dr. Math Explains Algebra
Grades 5 and up
Dr. Math Presents More Geometry
more formal
HS geometry content
Dr. Math books - download our handout in PDF format to copy and distribute.
Ask Dr. Math: print one of our FAQs or a page from the Selected Answers, for example:
Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Divisibility Rules
Large Numbers and Infinity
Place Value
Positive and Negative Integer Rules
Teacher2Teacher: share some of the FAQ information, for example:
Algebra Help
Elementary Thoughts
Helping with Homework
Interactive activities to set up
Multicultural Math Fair
Technology Problems of the Week (tPoWs)
Problems of the Week
Problems of the Week samples in PDF format:
      Math Fundamentals: Darlene's Dart Board
      Pre-Algebra: Bank Balances
      Algebra: Hoop Heroes
      Geometry: Part of a Rectangle

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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