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These Web pages provide some resources to emphasize algebraic thought and address the Standards for grades 6, 7 and 8.

6th-7th-8th Grade 6th Grade
The Math Forum's Middle School POW Buffon's Needle - Shodor Org.
The Math Forum's ESCOT POW (experimental) Experiment with Volume - C. Lanius
The Math Forum's Algebra POW Fraction Shapes - C. Lanius
Ask Dr. Math - Archives - see "Algebra" The Hand Squeeze - C. Lanius
Ask Dr. Math - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Leonardo da Vinci Activity - S. Alejandre - J. Traker Mean, Median, Mode - Shodor Org.
Brief History of Algebra and Computing - J. Bowen The Million Dollar Mission - C. Lanius
Multicultural Math Fair - Frisbie Middle School Polyominoes - C. Lanius
Shodor Organization - Activities (Java applets) Right- or Left-Handed Data Collection - C. Lanius
WebMath - Instant solutions to math problems Understanding Algebraic Factoring - S. Alejandre
WebMath - Puzzle Maker What Good Is Math? - Peck, Rosser, Pifer
7th Grade 8th Grade
7th Grade Math Outline - S. Alejandre Calendar Fun - C. Lanius
Algebraic Thinking - S. Alejandre Functions Made Easy - E. Marshall
Coordinate Graphing - L. Dunbar Impossible Graphs - Shodor Org.
The Hot Tub - C. Lanius Introduction to Functions - Shodor Org.
The Locker Problem - S. Alejandre Introduction to Linear Functions - Shodor Org.
Practicing Arithmetic Skills - S. Alejandre Online Study Tools - Glencoe
River Crossing - R. Littlefield Rectangle Pattern Challenges - C. Lanius
Spreadsheet Activity - S. Alejandre Stressed Out - Slope as Rate of Change - C. Lanius
The Traffic Jam - S. Alejandre Understanding Algebra (applets) - J. Brennan

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