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For suggestions on how to prepare students for assessment see: Preparing for Assessment

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How can I assess my students at the beginning of the year? Mid-year? Throughout the year?

These questions have been sent to the T2T service by teachers of many different grade levels. While each school or district may have assessments in place, additional resources can be useful. Here are suggestions and links to provide assistance.

Standardized assessment:

NCITE (National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators) LA Assessments and Diagnostics
NCITE LA has developed sample assessments correlated to the California Academic Standards. Items are available in English-Language Arts, grade level Kindergarten through 3rd grade, and Mathematics, Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Regents Exam Prep Center - Mathematics A
Actual Regents Examinations from past years are available for downloading including answer keys and scoring rubrics.

Authentic/Performance assessment and rubrics:

Assessment and Rubric Information
A comprehensive list of links from Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators site.

Exemplars is meant to assist teachers, schools and districts implement authentic assessment and problem solving in their classrooms and to meet the challenging new standards developed in mathematics, science and humanities at the national, state and ...more>>

Ideas and Rubrics by Chicago Public Schools Instructional Intranet


T2T discussions about assessment:

Please define: (1.) Authentic assessment (2.) Alternative assessment (3.) Performance assessment...view discussion>>

Eighth grade Algebra
I need some information on different aptitude tests that can be used for predicting success in an eighth grade algebra course (taken at the end of the 7th grade year). I have heard of the Orleans/Hannah Algebra Prognosis Test but can not find any information on the Web. ...view discussion>>

Elementary School Rubrics
I am interested in finding rubrics to use in the assessment of math problem solving with enriched students in grades one and six. ...view discussion>>

Portfolio Assessment in Geometry
I would like to use Portfolios for my 8th grade geometry class. However, since I have not taught geometry, I have no idea about the portfolio. Can you help me?...view discussion>>

Regents Exam
Do you know where you can find the January 1997 math course, Three Regents?...view discussion>>

Standardized math assessment for primary students
Our district is beginning to look at early intervention for mathematics. We are looking for standardized assessment tools that connect well with the NCTM curriculum standards. Do you have any suggestions? ...view discussion>>

Does anyone have information on dynamic assessment? ...view discussion>>


Books for reference:

Here are some suggested books that can be used to develop classroom assessments linked to and

Authentic Assessment: A Guide for Elementary Teachers
by Kathleen Montgomery

Educative Assessment: Designing Assessments to Inform and Improve Student Performance
by Grant P. Wiggins


Resources on the Web:

Assessment in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Education at the Math Forum
The Math Forum's suggested sites on assessment in mathematics education including the NCTM Standards; sessions on assessment at meetings; and selected books and articles on assessment.more>>

Assessment Resources - Mathematics
Links to resources collected by the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center (MOESC).

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