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What issues should a teacher think about before a job interview?

Prospective K-12 teachers are seeking ways to make the most of their job interviews. Here are ideas and resources to use to prepare for those important events:

   T2T discussion about job interviews:

Preparing for a job interview
What issues in mathematics should a teacher think about before a job interview?...view discussion>>

Job Interview
I have to teach a 10-minute lesson to the interview team, any topic. I want them to realize that I am not "merely" a good middle school teacher, but well qualified to move up in grade level....view discussion>>

Changing career from engineer to teacher
I want to know how to start finding out if I am qualified (and if not, what I need to do), how to start looking for a job teaching math/engineering or possibly a finance-related class....view discussion>>


Math Forum Resources:

Ask Dr. Math
Browse the Ask Dr. Math Archives to review mathematics at the level that you are interested in teaching.

Middle School
High School

Problems of the Week Library [requires membership to access]
Browse the Problems Library to review mathematical problem solving at the level that you are interested in teaching.

Math Fundamentals
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The following books are available through
How to Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for Teachers (2nd Edition)
by Dorothy M. Campbell (Editor), Pamela Bondi Cignetti (Editor), Beverly J. Melenyzer

How to Get a Teaching Job
by Courtney W. Moffatt, Thomas L. Moffatt

How to Get the Teaching Job You Want: The Complete Guide for College Graduates, Returning Teachers and Career Changers
by Robert Feirsen, Seth Wietzman, Seth Weitzman

Inside Secrets of Finding a Teaching Job
by Jack Warner, et al

Real-Resumes for Teachers (Real-Resumes Series)
by Anne McKinney (Editor)


Resources on the Web:

Education World: Education Employment Center
Submit a job to Education World's e-mail jobs newsletter, subscribe to the newletter, and find education resources here including access to a variety of archived articles.

Education World: Are You Ready for that Job Interview?
Some tips that can help prepare and boost self-assurance including tips for overcoming shyness, answering those tough philosophical questions, and more.

Education World: State Certification Requirements
Addresses, telephone numbers and Web sites of state teacher certification requirements and links to state departments of education.

New York Times: Job Market: Education
A variety of job tools and resources offered by the New York Times.

Select Job Title. Enter Zip Code or Select Metro Area and you can get a detailed report of what you can expect to earn.

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