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How do I provide my students with practice on their place value skills?

Both parents and teachers write to Teacher2Teacher asking for help in teaching about place value. One writer put it like this:
"I want to teach a lesson on place value, specifically borrowing or renaming for subtraction, to a class of fourth graders. I want to make a list of 20 ways that I could provide my students with practice on their place value skills."
Teacher2Teacher Associates and contributors in the Teachers' Lounge discussions have responded to these many letters suggesting a variety of methods. Somewhere in the suggestions will be ideas to help your student learn about fractions.

T2T discussions about place value:

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   Problem of the Week: access requires a membership

Wordy Problems [print version]
Convert these word addition problems into numbers.

The Place Value Game [print version]
Help Sylvia and Carina think about winning numbers in the Place Value Game.

Five Digits of Fun [print version]
Find a five-digit number based on these clues.


Ask Dr. Math resources:

Elementary School Level Place Value
Best archived answers to understand place value and how to work problems requiring that understanding.

Fractions, Decimals, Percentages - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
What are simple, complex, and compound fractions? How do you convert decimals and percentages to fractions? more>>

Number Bases - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
What is base 10? Binary? Hexadecimal? How can you convert from one base to another? ...more>>


Books for reference:

The following books are available through

Big Numbers : And Pictures That Show Just How Big They Are!
Edward Packard, Sal Murdocca (Illustrator), Salvatore Murdocca (Illustrator) (Millbrook Pr Trade, 2000)

Math by All Means : Place Value Grade 1-2
Marilyn Burns (Marilyn Burns Education Assoc, 1994)

The Place Value Connection: Primary Activities and Games to Teach Place Value, Money, and More
Diana A. D'Aboy (Dale Seymour Publications, 1985)


Resources on the Web:

Counting and Place Value (SMILE) - Carole Gills, Edward Coles School
A lesson for grade 1 designed to give first grade students a concrete understanding of place value by providing concrete opportunities to practice counting, adding, and subtracting, using a phenomenological approach. From the Arithmetic section of a ...more>>

Extending Our Knowledge of Place Value (SMILE) - Angie Morris, Burnham School
A lesson designed to reinforce the knowledge of place value for first and second graders by using their auditory, visual, and/or kinesthetic learning styles and the numbers 10-99 only. From the Arithmetic section of a collection of almost 200 single ...more>>

A Fictional History of Place Value (SMILE) - Bette B. Jarrow, Goudy Elementary School
A lesson designed to teach students to rename a two- or three-digit number in several different ways, including expanded form; and to perform addition and subtraction with the application of regrouping and the use of zero as a place holder. From the ...more>>

Place-Value: Problem-Solving and Written Assessment Using Digit-Correspondence Tasks - Ross, Sunflower
This study examined the effects of researcher-developed lessons on students' understanding of two- and three-digit numeration. Digit-correspondence tasks, often used for individual interview assessment of place value understanding, were adapted to be ...more>>

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