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How do I find information by searching on the Web?

Teachers, parents, and sometimes students write to Teacher2Teacher trying to find information about particular topics. Sometimes questioners are specifically asking for Internet resources and other times they are not. T2T Associates often respond to the questioners by pointing out pages on the Web which contain information that is well-explained and illustrated.

To find these Web resources, T2T Associates use a variety of techniques that they have honed through experience. Because the Math Forum has been organizing the results of Internet searches for several years now, we have developed pages that explain how to search.

Read through the discussions highlighted here to see how T2T Associates search for specific topics. The Math Forum information pages offer tips specific to searching for math related topics on the Math Forum site. Resources on the Web include searching tips for other search engines that are available free on the Internet.

Discussions referring to various search engines:

Using Ask Dr. Math Search Engine

Using Ask Jeeves
        Assignment for visit to Six Flags

Using Math Forum Search Engine
        Beach Theme Math Lessons
        Christmas Around the World
        Internet car shopping

Using Google:
        Absolute Value
        Middle school geometry activity
        Writing Math Journals


Math Forum search engine information:

The pages linked to here provide insight into how to best use the search engines of the Math Forum which are specifically designed to find mathematics resources.
Math Library: Search Engines
A comprehensive listing of over 100 different search engines focusing on mathematics sites.

Math Forum Library: Power Search

Searching Tips and Tricks - using the Math Forum's Search Engines

Searching Do's and Don'ts


Specific Math Forum search engines:

The Math Forum has specific search engines for separate areas of the site. If you have an idea of the area on the Math Forum site where your information will be, it is useful to use that area-specific search engine.
Main Search
Combines a full-text search of our archives with a full-text search of the rest of our Web pages. For a faster, more focused search, you may also search within only a specific archive. See Features of our Searcher to understand how it works and read tips for using it.

Internet Mathematics Library
Ask Dr. Math

Forum Web Pages

Discussions Groups:
Math History list
Math Topics
math-teach list (not searched by our main searcher)
sci.math newsgroup (not searched by our main searcher)
All Discussion Groups (mailing lists, newsgroups)


Resources on the Web:

A Math Forum Webmaster Exchange: Subject: Please help: Bramputa's Theory
Reflections from Jim, Grace, and Richard separate each of the original eleven e-mails of a three-way exchange. Standing independent of the particular content of the conversation, the individual conclusions reveal how they conceive the roles of the webmaster, of the Math Forum, and of the WWW in facilitating education and community.

Webquest by Bernie Dodge has these informative pages on searching:
        Step Zero: What to Do Before Searching
        Seven Steps Toward Better Searching
        Specialized Search Engines and Directories

Search Engine Information:
Other general search engines can also yield good information. Each search engine has particular features that you can learn about by reading the searching information pages.
        Altavista: Search Cheat Sheet
        Ask Jeeves: Search Tips
        DogPile: Help
        Google: Our Search Tips
        Yahoo: Search Help

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