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Can you give me some helpful suggestions for getting through my first year of teaching?

I am barely keeping my head above water as a first-year teacher in a fairly tough school environment. Colleagues are wonderful; I am blessed in that. My main problem is simply that I feel overwhelmed with students who have pretty much taken control, and, of course, all the paperwork, grading, etc. I am not an organized person. Plus, I like math, but I'm not passionate about it. I've started some terrific-looking books, like "Marvels of Math," in hopes of having some exciting stories/ideas to motivate the kids. I need to implement a reward (nontangible) system, but somehow, I've not gotten around to it! Any suggestions?

First year and pre-service teachers have specific questions about classroom management and curriculum. As the teacher quoted above states, it can be overwhelming. Discussing these topics with others can help ease the burden.

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Elementary and Middle School Mathematics
by John Van de Walle, Karen S. Karp, Jennifer M. Bay-Williams

Ideas: NCTM Standards-Based Instruction, Grades K-4

Ideas: NCTM Standards-Based Instruction, Grades 5-8

Marvels of Math: Fascinating Reads and Awesome Activities
by Kendall Haven

Powerful Problem Solving
by Max Ray-Riek

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics - NCTM


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