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by Gail Englert

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I am looking for different ways to play Battleship on graph paper.

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I am looking for different ways to play Battleship on graph paper.


I have my fifth graders play Battleship to practice graphing points. Here is how we play...

Blocking the top of my overhead projector from view, and turning it off, I place five blue bingo chips on a coordinate grid. Students make guesses about where they think my bingo chips are placed, and then take turns calling out ordered pairs. I have a student record the guesses on the board, and I mark each guess on the overhead with a red chip. When the students have used up 10 guesses I turn the overhead on so they can see the number of red "misses" and "purple" hits (because the red chip on the blue chip creates a purple...)

Sometimes we play one team against another. Then one team uses red and the other uses blue, and my chips are yellow.

I am careful to place my chips on ordered pairs that will tell me something about what my students know about graphing... for example, (2, 2) won't tell me much, because the student could begin with the wrong axis and still get it correct. But (1, 4) wouldn't be the same spot if the Y-axis were the first used, and neither would (6, 0).

Students can also be the ones at the overhead, once they get good at the game.

-Gail, for the T2T service

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