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Mean, Median, and Mode
by Gail Englert

A response to the question:

Could you give suggestions for helping students remember the definition of mean, median, and mode?

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My students are having a tough time remembering the definition of mean, median, and mode. Any suggestions?



Dear Aliayh,

This year my fifth graders measured each other to find several different sets of data (circumference of head, length of leg from knee to ankle, length of thumb, length of nose from tip to bridge, height, mass, etc.) they found the range, mean, mode and median for each set, and did stem and leaf plots for the data. Then we used the means to create an "average" fifth grader.

I had a group color an outline of a person half girl and half boy. We drew arrows to the places we measured, and wrote the average measurements. The life-sized poster is hanging outside our door, with my students photos around the edges. It is a real attention getter, speaks "loudly" about the math done in our room, and really helped my students practice using those terms.

-Gail, for the T2T service

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