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Graphing Calculator Courses

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From: Sarah (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 19, 1998 at 12:01:25
Subject: Re: Graphing Calculator Courses

Hi Veronica,

Here are some more sites on the Web to look at, found by searching the Math 
Forum archives using the form at 


using the keywords   graphing calculator   (select "that exact phrase"):

Math Teacher Link: 
Algebra Through Modeling with the TI-82 (or TI-83) Calculator


   The purpose of this module is to familiarize mathematics teachers at the 
   high school and lower division college level with the content and teaching 
   strategies for a promising new approach to teaching advanced algebra. This 
   approach stresses modeling and solving real world problems and develops 
   skills and concepts of algebra as needed for this modeling process. In 
   this course, the students work in a collaborative learning environment and 
   make extensive use of a graphing calculator with data analysis and 
   sequence capabilities such as those found on the TI-82 or TI-83.

Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration - A Graphing Calculator Approach (a 
textbook from Key Curriculum Press)


   "an all-new text that combines data exploration, hands-on activities, and 
   the power of graphing calculators to enhance the content of advanced
   algebra. Embracing the vision and spirit of the National Council of 
   Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for 
   School Mathematics, this innovative text emphasizes conceptual 
   understanding rather than algebraic technique."

The Graphing Calculator: Teachers and Students Learning Together


   A project from the Oklahoma State University Department of Mathematics, 
   Stillwater, OK. Teacher Learning Systems for the TI-82 and TI-85 graphic 

Mathematics Education 3103 - David Royster


   A series of lessons for secondary school mathematics teachers that focus 
   on a variety of tools and issues for math education. Included are: 
   introduction to the TI-82 graphing calculator, linear equations on a 
   calculator, using a graphing calculator in teaching Algebra I and II, 

   using a graphing calculator to explore polynomial functions, introduction 
   to data analysis using the TI-82 calculator, box plots, two variable data 
   and linear relationships, introduction to TI-82 programming, programming
   concepts, introduction to Maple, comments on using calculators, data 
   resources for the course, and a bibliography. Lesson plans cover basic 
   concepts, pose questions, and suggest activities.

NuCalc Graphing Calculator for Mac and Windows - Pacific Tech 


   NuCalc 2.0: A Graphing Calculator for Macintosh and Windows that allows 
   the user to calculate and view two- and three-dimensional mathematical 
   objects easily. The web site includes a list of features, a guided tour, a 
   picture gallery, a free demo, and ordering capabilities, as well as 
   similar information on the company's other products.

For more, see the UTK Math Archives graphing calculator listings at 


 - Sarah, for the Teacher2Teacher Service

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