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History of mathematics

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From: Suzanne A. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Dec 13, 2002 at 09:23:45
Subject: Re: History of mathematics

Hi Laura,

There is a modern-day person from Colombia contributing to math history that
you might find interesting. His name is Jaime Garcia Serrano. You can read
more about him if you scroll down to June 1, 2001 on this page:


His homepage is here:


I also found this information:

GARAVITO ARMERO, Julio (1865-1920) Colombian educator, mathematician,
astronomer, physicist. Born on January 5, 1865 in Bogota, he was educated at
the School of Engineering in Bogota. His work in mathematical physics are or
great interest. He studied the intensity of the earth's magnetic field. He
established the fundamental formula of the movement of liquids, and he made
important applications to hydraulics. He perfected the physical theory of the
refraction of liquids (1912). In chemistry he combined the known laws of
organic chemistry with inorganic chemistry. He studied the general solution of
algebraic equations. As an astronomer he determined variations of planetary
orbits in 1893. He generalized the law of university gravity of the stars,
simplified the calculus of the paths of the heavenly bodies and he determined
the parabolic orbit of some comets. He was one of the first scientists to
protest Einstein's theory of relativity. An economist he wrote many pamphlets
such as Economic Affairs (1910); Evolution and the Distribution of Wealth
(1912); and Fiscal Crisis (1919). He died in Bogota on March 11, 1920.

on this page:

and then I found:

Another modern-day mathematician from Colombia is Carlos Vasco:

I hope you find some of that information useful.

 -Suzanne A., for the T2T service

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