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7-8th grade Multiplication and Division

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From: Suzanne (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 25, 1998 at 11:23:16
Subject: 7-8th grade multiplication and division

Cindy, I am sure many things have been tried by now. I think that if he wants to learn them, a large part of the battle is won. Junior high age children really seem to like music. There are some recordings that enable a student to practice the facts through music. You might contact a school supply house and find out what they have available. Sometimes you can even find these in book stores, music stores, or discount stores like K-Mart. There also are some great computer programs that allow a student to get practice on the basic facts. Any store that carries a lot of software would have them as well as school supply catalogues. There are a number of different titles of both the software and the recordings. You can probably pick the one that would be most beneficial to you from the description on the package. The 2's and the 5's are generally the easiest to learn, so if he has not mastered those yet I would try just those facts. He should be able to feel success with those. Success is often the best incentive to continue. After mastering the 2's and 5's, other sets of facts such as the 3's can be added to those already mastered. Continue adding small bits at a time. I hope you are able to find success. Again, with him wanting to learn I feel that you will be successful. - Suzanne

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