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Chicago Math

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From: Judy (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Mar 11, 1999 at 22:10:30
Subject: Re: Chicago Math

I too would not be responding to your concerns if I did not know
that Chicago Math(UCSMP) was a good program. I have used it for several
years now and feel very strongly about it. It teaches children to THINK, and
not just respond to an operational sign. Before this program, my students
could compute but were never sure which operation to use unless it was
stated. Chicago Math, now known as Everyday Math, teaches children to be
mathematical thinkers and problem solvers. The test scores in our system
have gone up consistently as our students become more confident in their
skills. You can contact Everyday Math for further info and research at
1-800-382-7670.  They also have a website at


with a discussion section that you can join.

Talk to the principal about your concerns. Make sure that the school is
taking full advantage of available training so everyone has the latest
training and information. If you need more information, write back.

 -Judy, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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