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Technology for advanced 5th-7th graders

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From: Vasha (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 14, 1998 at 22:12:01
Subject: Re: Technology in 7th grade math

Hi Michelle,

I'll have to admit that I don't teach 7th grade math, but I get very excited
about using technology in teaching. I do teach high-ability fifth graders
and some examples of their work may be useful.

For Internet resources, I highly recommend the Eisenhower National
Clearinghouse website at


Their "Action" section lists the 13 top science and math sites each month
under the heading "Digital Dozen." Past months are archived there for teacher
use. Look for lessons by Cynthia Lanius and Suzanne Alejandre on fractals,
cartography, tessellations, magic squares, and more. My kids have learned so
much through these sites!

Cynthia Lanius' math lessons:


Suzanne Alejandre's math lessons:


We also have a class set of calculators available for use. Students don't
rush to use them for day to day work, but when interesting questions come up,
use of calculators allows more time for logical reasoning. When looking for
results from a penny campaign, or finding ratios between objects, or figuring
expenses after coupons and taxes, much more time is available for exploring
different angles of the problems or testing different strategies for finding
solutions than would be possible if all calculations were done with pencil
and paper.

Finally, due to grant writing success, we have LEGO Robotics equipment and
software. These materials facilitate the use of graphing in investigations
of temperature, reaction time, and speed. The LEGO Dacta people in
Connecticut have excellent materials to support work with mechanics,
mathematics, and technology. Give them a call at 1-800-527-8339.

Good luck in your endeavors with technology!

- Vasha

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