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Trig/Pre-calculus sites/books

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From: Aimee Smith <Aimeees@hotmail.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: May 13, 1998 at 12:39:22
Subject: Trig and Precal sites/texts

I am currently teaching a class that is described as Precalculus. We spend half 
the year reviewing what are basically Algebra II topics, and the other half of the 
year trying to squeeze in the sections on Trig (fundamental rules, identities, 
angle addition formulas, graphing, polar coordinates, etc.), vectors, and 
statistics. It is a class open to all students who have "successfully" (D or 
better in this area) completed Algebra II and Geometry. I had no problem covering 
the material when the classes were smaller but now that more students need a 
fourth math class I find myself out of time at the end of the year with several 
units left to go.

My question is: is there a site or a book (or books) that you can recommend for 
use in this class that covers these topics in a "fun" and "exciting" way? Many 
students who are coming into the class are of the mindset that they just have to 
be there, and don't quite have the enthusiasim that the first several groups of 
students that I taught had.

Also, can you recommend any good programs/software to check out that reinforce/
drill students on the concepts that they have previously covered in their math 

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