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Elementary School Rubrics

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From: Vasha (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 18, 1998 at 01:23:12
Subject: Re: Rubrics

Sounds like you have an interesting task ahead! I can recommend some resources for sample rubrics: (1) "A Question of Thinking" from the California State Department of Education (1989) pages 47-51; (2) "Mathematics Assessment: Myths, Models, Good Questions, and Practical Suggestions" page 24 (1991) edited by Jean Kerr Stenmark, from NCTM; and (3) "Assessment Alternatives in Mathematics" (1989) Stenmark again, page 19. You might find "Alternative Assessment: Evaluating Student Performance in Elementary Mathematics" (1993) from the Ann Arbor Public Schools to be expecially helpful. It has many assessment activities as well as performance indicators for students who are "not understanding," "developing," and "understanding/applying." Available from Cuisenaire. Finally, look for "Puddle Questions" from Creative Publications. Separate volumes for grade 1 and grade 6 are $24 each. (1-800-624-0822) Each book has 8 open-ended investigations, samples of student work, and scoring rubrics. Devising and using a rubric can be time-consuming, but your understanding of children's thinking will certainly be increased in the process. You will have valuable information for parent conferences and for developing the next challenge in each child's program. BRAVO! -Vasha, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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