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Math Chats for Students

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From: Johann Sarmiento <jsarmi@mathforum.org>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Dec 21, 2004 at 13:49:38
Subject: Math Chats for Students

Dear Math Teacher, 

The Math Forum has been exploring a new service for students to participate in 
collaborative problem-solving sessions (Math Chats) over the Internet, and we 
are interested in connecting with teachers who would like their students to 
participate.  If you would like to explore the possibility of participating in 
this research project, please send an e-mail to   jsarmi@mathforum.org   
providing the following information:

1.   Your name and e-mail.

2.   What types of problems or math topics would you most be interested in 
having your students solve collaboratively?  (Their own homework problems?  
SAT problems?  Their State Math test? AP test problems?)

3.  For what course/grade level would you use this service?

4.  How often do you think these sessions should be offered at a minimum, in 
order to be effective?

5.  We have experimented with sessions lasting at least an hour. How long do 
you think each session should be?

6.  What will be the best times and days of the weeks for this service to be 
offered?  (Weekdays?  Weekends?  After School?)

7.  We have found that collaborative problem-solving of this type can be fun 
and useful for all students, from high achieving to low achieving. On which 
students would you like to see the service focused?

8. When in the calendar would it work best for this program to start?  (We 
are hoping to start it in January)

Thanks a lot!

Johann W. Sarmiento
Virtual Math Teams (VMT)
The MathForum @ Drexel University

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