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From: Gail (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 26, 1999 at 22:03:51
Subject: Re: Math Videos

The good news is that this math really isn't anything like that "new math" from the 60's. The basic idea has not changed, as far as the math goes. What is different is how we approach the ideas. Unfortunately, since that isn't the way any of us were taught, it seems so awfully foreign, doesn't it? Does your daughter use a math text book? You might want to take a peek at the book to see if they recommend any other resources. As for videos, there are a few out there that approach math the way we are teaching it in our classrooms. One is a set done by a master teacher in New York City. Her name is Kay Tolliver. She has a series called the Eddie Files. I am sure there are other videos, and I know there are some excellent computer software programs that can help you help your child. We would be happy to give you some advice about specific topics, if you wish, too. -Gail, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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