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Oppportunities for gifted children

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From: Colleen
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: May 11, 1999 at 22:31:51
Subject: Oppportunities for gifted children

My son proved his extraordinary talent in math in 6th grade. His teacher insisted he be tested for the gifted program and he was accepted for 7th grade. However, we were told that he needed to take 7th grade math and involve himself with a cluster group of 6th and 2 other 7th graders to learn pre-algebra. In short, his class was without a teacher until Jan therefore they are behind in the 7th grade math and have notworked on pre-algebra! He was invited to take the SAT test, which he did and scored 550 in math and 400 in reading. Our problem is that our school district curriculium director refuses to put him in the gifted reading because he came up 2 points short on their testing and in math he tested into the algebra class but not into the class at the high school with the other students his age! I need help! I want to see my son put into the highest classes the district has to offer and there is no doubt that he can do the work; it would be nice to have a challenge for him for a change - he is a straight A student and always has been. Does anyone know how I can get around the district and make them put him into the classes that he deserves?

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