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From: Claudia (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 23, 1999 at 17:00:04
Subject: Re: Math level

The mastery of addition is the over-all goal of first grade. It is the knowledge of addition that allows a young child to develop number sense. With the mastery of 2 digit addition, your child can then compare numbers, find the difference between numbers, and identify the larger or smaller number. Let him use beans, pebbles, pop cycle sticks, or any concrete objects to build the numbers he knows. Ask him to find the larger or the difference between two different numbers. You do not have to use the words subtract or minus. He will know the difference, and that is how number sense develops. If you want to help, play some dice or card games with him. Keep score. Let him decide who is winning. For example: roll two dice and have him add on. That means begin with the number of dots on one die and count on as in 5 + 3 more = 8. Take turns rolling and giving one point for the person who has the greater number. You can also play "Battle" with cards. Use a deck of cards, remove all face cards, shuffle and cut. Each person has half of the deck. With the cards facing down, each player turns up one card. The person who can call the sum of the two cards gets to keep both cards. The winner is the person who has most cards at the end of the game. A variation is to call the difference between the two cards. Enjoy playing math games with your son, trust your teachers, and he will surely develop number sense and an appreciation of mathematics. -Claudia, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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