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From: Roya (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 19, 1999 at 20:30:51
Subject: Re: Geometry

I understand your frustration. You did not mention the textbook or curriculum that you follow currently. I have several suggestions for you: 1) Try looking at a textbook called "Discovering Geometry" by Key Curriculum Press. http://www.keypress.com/product_info/dg.html This textbook, as the name implies, encourages discovery and team work, and is quit different from a traditional geometry textbook. 2) Try incorporating Geometer's Sketchpad in your curriculum. With this program, students can draw an object, then experience its dynamic aspects by dragging the object with the mouse. http://www.keypress.com/product_info/sketchpad3.html 3) Encourage students to participate in on-line geometry projects such as the Math Forum's Geometry Problem of the Week. Each week a Geometry problem is presented. Students have one week to email their answers to the mentors, which in turn write back to the student. http://mathforum.org/geopow/ 4) Try looking at other sites suggested by the Internet Math Library -- Geometry section located at: http://mathforum.org/library/topics/geometry/ Hope these links are a useful start in your search. -Roya, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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