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Using Manipulatives

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From: Jenny (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 24, 1999 at 00:15:13
Subject: Re: Using Manipulatives

Transitioning from manipulatives to use of symbolic concepts/notation is always a problem. You are probably already doing this, but do not forget to have your students record the multiplication sentence whenever they build with manipulatives. Also, have your students talk and write about what the manipulative models mean. One successful method to help students internalize the multiplication facts is to build arrays (like 2x3 as a 2 by 3 array), using manipulatives (like tiles) as well as recording the arrays on grid paper and recording the multiplication sentence. As you get to facts like 6x8, many students see these as 3x8 doubled because they can visualize the arrays. (This also extends really nicely to 1-digit and 2-digit multiplication.) Playing games which use the multiplication facts (even things like "war") also help students internalize the facts. -Jenny, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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